Monday, November 11, 2019

Cirque Du Soleil Essay

1. Cirque du Soleil does not have a product, they have a diverse, creative, critical thinking, artist works company; a circus without animals. Within this company, this show allows their featured unique artists, to tap into their creative side and create magic for an audience. Cirque du Soleil aims to create the greatest shows onstage all around the world. The core for a functioning Cirque du Soleil is behind the scenes, with artists and staff. Recruiting these people seems to be a challenge for this ever diverse world we live in. Recruiting and hiring these staff members for Cirque du Soleil is difficult because not many people will just run away to the circus. This lifestyle is an ever changing one, with artists of different cultures and diverse backgrounds. It cannot always be an easy mix for everyone to get along. It takes a special kind of person with that magic in their eyes, that will keep evolving and keep being an asset to the ever changing show. Although it is the same lifestyle these employees will be part of, they service two completely different jobs. Artists perform for the audience, whereas staff is simply there to serve the artists needs. Recruiting for this job takes time, the director Cantin has even traveled to twenty countries in search of local talent. In terms of recruiting and hiring staff, again asking someone to uproot themselves, for little pay, to cater to extremely unique artists demands can be a challenging proposition. Creating extensive rewards for these employees is key. The owners of this company have taken time to understand what the needs are of their staff and artists. Compensation such as free meals and board, as well as the opportunities to improve a talent or passion are aspects of this company where they continue to grow positively. From this article I would say that this company takes extensive time to evaluate and understand the needs of everyone they have on board. In the small market Cirque du Soleil services, it is essential every performer or staff member is â€Å"fit† for the company. This market seeks out individuals who are qualified mentally, and physically for the strenuous changing show and lifestyle. They search for people who are ready to hit the ground running and jump into shows. Here employees are encouraged to discover their magic and embrace their talents, in fact Cirque provides outlets to bring your talents to the next level. They want employees to be able to continuously develop as well as have clear heads of stereotypes. % quit: %15 %quit x current population : 15% x 475 = 71.25 = 72 Artists left: 475-72=403†¨Future demand: 500†¨Needed (500-403= 97) Keeping employees happy enough to stay is and will continue to be a problem for Cirque du Soleil. This problem will affect retention because, if employees are not happy, they will leave. If employees leave, there may not be enough staff to sustain the upcoming show, but the show must go on. This problem could potentially lead to a default product, a poor performance. Cirque provides an environment with different experiences constantly with no fixed structure but to allow artists to tap fully into who they are. By designating a heavy amount of time for managing the artists needs and analyzing what what would make there experience even better. Cirque du Soleil aims to create an environment with the best possible conditions that you don’t want to leave. By retaining employees core artists to the Cirque shows have and can obtain more hands on experience out in the world. Recruiting employees cost money and time. When artists are better at their job they provide stability within the company for a better transitional environment for new employees. Employees will effectively be able to teach each other the ropes, or provide support for one another. The concept is for artists to learn together. With the wide diversity of ethnicity, or gender it can be problematic to find employee who are non stereotype. Those who are open to all cultures. Compensation and benefits however is variable because income becomes an issue. Cirque has a variety of shows and venues that do not always provide steady pay. With that being said its hard to keep up with the rewarding benefits Cirque boasts about, such as providing new experiences. By giving the artists more say, a greater employee output is achieved, with higher job satisfaction, keeps employees. To solve its retention problems Cirque’s benefits heavily outweigh their drawbacks. Ultimately providing the best work environment than anyone in their competing market. Finding talent i is the second current problem Cirque is facing. Cirque du Soleil has created a name for themselves serving as a business that lets you play to your full potential as an artist. In doing so they created an even more diverse product that makes it hard to find that diamond in the rough in cities and continents. This problems affects staffing mostly because they have created a name for themselves that their brand is a luxury good, possibly making artists perceive their company as unachievable. Perspective employees want to work with the best performers around. Now that the company has made a name for themselves, they are hiring staff with more direct experience instead of performers with potential. With a changing and diverse work force this poses a problem within staffing. In creating diversity, gaps in language and background quickly becomes an issue. Training and development problems are solved by having current employees that have open mindsets about other cultures, providing a more welcoming environment. People coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds I would imagine feel secure in knowing they at least have paid meal and board. The shows performances cannot continue to increase levels of diversity without new talent. The current employees care about quality of their product. By having varying levels of skill and ability this could be exciting for new artist morale. Also by having a good training system to develop and articulate performances would provide a great benefit to perspective employees. The movement to keep the excitement alive is on!

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